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COVID PRECAUTIONS..please use hand sanitiser provided after you ring the doorbell, and wear a mask.  Massage will be slightly modified to allow best practice and comply with infection control measures. Client can remove mask when lying face down.  

Any new or overseas clients must be prepared to discuss previous itinerary, public transport (including air travel), testing if appropriate and restrictions from place of origin. This is to protect other clients and myself.

***If you are contacting me from an overseas number...please use email or what’s app 447974195538 to connect with me. *** 

Reduced rates are offered to regular clients. 

Availability for #St Andrews and also #Newtonmore..please email, Facebook message, call or text to make an appt.  Thank you!!

A Range of Therapies Tailored to YOU!!  

Everyone reaches a point when their bodies need specific care and attention. Many healthcare professionals will agree that courses of medication are not the "be all and end all". 

Each person is assessed carefully and a full confidential history will be taken before treatment begins. Each treatment is tailored to the individual. Treatments are designed to be integrated to the client's other health, sports, leisure and/or medical needs.

One of the benefits of this type of bodywork is in warming up areas of inflammation or injured/affected soft tissue is thoroughly prior to more detailed focus on certain areas.  Even after specific areas have been worked on, massage therapy incorporates sweeping, draining, soothing techniques to optimise healing.

Another difference with the treatment provided...During the course of treating an elbow for example, a sensation may be felt in say, the hip or ankle...I believe it is imperative to include signalled responses that arise during the treatment. This is a great example of the holistic nature of treatment provided.  

Muscles, ligaments, scars, inflammation, tendons, fascia are all considered as part of the picture, in order to effectively address the pain, scarring and trauma.

Treatment will benefit anyone dealing with stress that has become manifest in physical trauma, or people who have chronic conditions.

Golfers, Dancers, Athletes, Mums, Babies, Senior Citizens, have been treated by me, and also people recovering from hospital treatments and operations. Conditions treated have ranged from minor and short term to more complex and chronic.

Treatment Room located in ST ANDREWS, Fife, Scotland.

And also therapy sessions  at NEWTONMORE

I am also available for therapy needs at events.

Weekend and evening appointments are available.

20,30,60 and 90 minute treatments are available. Some therapies can be administered without removing clothes, and in a seated position.

Holistic Massage

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Natural Facelift Facials

Hot Stone Therapy

Scar Tissue Massage

For additional information and to make an appointment.. contact me here.  

Your Therapist, Tracey O’Neill...

I believe that clients need to have trust in their therapist, and be assured of the best possible outcomes from treatments. And so I consider that a very comprehensive knowledge of the human body, including Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for Therapeutic Massage.

My university degrees, teaching and Pharmaceutical experience and qualifications provide for this very necessary knowledge and expertise.

I am a qualified I.T.E.C. Massage Therapist, and provide therapy for clients who have suffered acute or chronic injuries, trauma or need therapy following operations or hospitalization. 

I have over 20 years experience in the Healthcare Industry and Science Education, I am committed to constantly developing new techniques that will provide benefit to a range of clients, young and old, from babies to the elderly.

Please check my "healthy" facts on the TrueBalance FACEBOOK page:

My Mission

To provide the highest quality of therapy to suit each individual, and to respond and be available in a timely manner. I know from personal experience that  pain and discomfort does not wait until Mondays!  I don't believe that people who have been in hospital or who have received operative care, are given enough guidance nor optimal access to bodywork therapies.  I know from experience that medical therapy alone may not address individuals long term needs. It is frustrating for community nurses that they can only provide care on a relatively short term basis.  This is why I believe in an integrative approach to healing and therapy. 
Any elderly person in care or at home can also benefit from seated, clothed massage and mobilization treatment, and I am very happy to provide this too.  I can treat them at home or in a care home if required.


"Tracey has an innate feel for finding the root cause of pain and injury. I felt restored after only 3 treatments." -- Jane, St Andrews

"I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey for anyone with a repetitive strain injury or for a any mother with a baby who is not sleeping well." -- Annie, Fife

"Golf is part of my life, but a frozen shoulder was limiting my enjoyment of the game.  Tracey worked with me on a regular basis to relieve the pain and this assisted greatly in speeding up my recovery"-- Pete, St Andrews

" I work out regularly and knee ligament trouble was affecting my performance. Tracey worked on the scar tissue and also suggested specific gym exercises and stretches, that have really helped rehabilitate my knee and other parts of my body as well"--Finlay, Edinburgh

"We never thought that our elderly father could benefit so much from massage therapy after his knee replacement. What a huge difference this made." -- Kevin, Perth.

10 Cant Crescent,
St Andrews
07964 051662